Mushroom Growing
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Mushrooms are grown all year round in insulated structures. Fresh substrate is delivered weekly and the first mushrooms are picked five weeks later. The preparation process involves maintaining specific climatic conditions, which are constantly monitored by sophisticated environmental management equipment. This phase culminates in a thermal shock, which forces the mushroom mycelium to transform itself from vegetative into a fruiting state.

Mushrooms are grown in flushes usually one week apart and Golden Crumb carefully hand selects button mushrooms (25-35mm maximum). This size of mushroom offers the caterer perfect cooking and excellent portion control.

Within five weeks the substrate’s ability to produce fresh mushrooms is exhausted at which point it is sterilised to be used for landscaping and garden improvement. The cropping house is then refilled to start again. Uniquely all our mushrooms are frozen using liquid nitrogen.

  This is more expensive than traditional methods but helps seal in the natural flavour and aids the cooking process.

For further information on mushrooms please visit: Mushroom Bureau
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